The convenience of tomorrow has just arrived: – Kamal Kishin Loungani, Founder and CMD of KIT Group

‘Digital Passport is now a possibility’ for the residents of the UAE. Yes, the UAEWallet allows the residents of the UAE to use their smartphone as the passport while travelling through the Dubai International Airport. Admittedly, flashing a smartphone as the passport may look as another luxury addition but the procedure is actually adding loads of functional convenience to the passengers. This initiative proves to be beneficial to frequent travelers and to people who schedule a last minute air trip for various reasons.

Incidentally, how much ever we carefully plan our checklist, there are times we tend to forget to place the passport in our travelling kit. I should admit that a couple of times, carrying my passport has slipped out of my mind and you all know about the consequences I would have possibly faced and most importantly at the gates for clearance. Those moments will leave us in a huge dilemma with spikes of emotion and anxiety. But fret not, gone are those days, at last, the UAEWallet – the official app will transcend us from such dilemmas.

This e-wallet service allows the residents of the UAE to get through e-gates and passport control carrying just their smartphone. To avail this service the residents of the UAE who are departing from the Dubai International Airport should register with UAEWallet by providing their appropriate personal details and should add their fingerprint for identity and security reasons.

Designed with the latest technology and having undergone rigorous testing and validation procedures, the UAEWallet is completely invincible against security breach, hack or misuse. The cutting-edge technology and the best user interface make it an obvious choice and of all other the merits UAEWallet has been accredited with, the summit significance would be: UAEWallet is the forerunner in making ‘paperless passport’ a reality. Yes, as a resident of the UAE, I feel elated that the UAE has set a benchmark in digital revolution by being the first nation to introduce e-wallet passport.

However, the UAE residents who are departing from the Dubai International Airport should have in their mind that the paperless and amplified passport features won’t be applicable when they enter into other countries. So I would like to sum up with this note: The practice of carrying the passport should be carefully exercised if we leave the shores of the UAE, until or otherwise all other nations get amplified with ‘paperless passport’. Hope it happens very soon and allows us to take an easier, lighter and stress-free air travel across the world.

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