Driving performance and making KIT O&G future ready

Driving performance & making KIT O&G future ready.

Kamal Loungani started KIT Oil & Gas Equipment Industries in 2011 to strengthen Oil and Gas drilling sector in the entire GCC region. KIT O&G is strengthening the operations of Oil rigs with the best equipment, best practice and the best rental service. In a shorter span of its existence, KIT O&G has been ensuring a sustained commitment to quality and dedication to customer service. Not surprisingly, KIT O&G has earned a reputation and leadership in Oil drilling sector.

Product line-up of KIT O&G:

FerroChem Products, Inspection OCTG & BHA, Workshop pump/valve/turbine, Drilling Equipment and supplies, Cementing Products, Inspection Lifting Gear and Inspection Derrick, Rig Inspection.

Rental Service of KIT Oil & Gas:

Tubular & Handling Gears – Rental, Pressure Control Equipment – Rental, Downhole / Fishing tools – Rental.

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