Find the need to feed your taste buds…

Find the need to feed your taste buds…

Let’s just begin with a question, before all those customary introductions of greatness and goodness, or even a wacky snacking habit. Yes, here it goes, when was the last time you have savoured a snack that was free from preservatives? I am sure, as a snack connoisseur like me, you all would have enjoyed a variety of yummy and delicious snacks. But have they been ‘healthy’ or even half as much as healthy? I hope not because today majority of snacks are soaked up with additives and preservatives which make them 100 percent unhealthy. Consuming them for over a period of time will only lead to health issues. Here’s the catch! Do we have to stop our upheaving urge to savour the crispy and delectable snacks? That would be a challenge. But we don’t have to suppress. And of course, we can indulge in healthy snacking without restraints.

Welcome to the Rooted Food

The leading supplier to retailers in the organic, natural and superfoods category in the United Kingdom. Started in 2016, Rooted Food is offering tasty and healthy snack range to the taste buds of snack lovers all over the world. An array of organic superfoods that are free from preservatives and colouring agents. The important additive-free snack range of Rooted Food is the “Popped Lotus Seeds”. It is made up of naturally grown lotus seeds which consist high nutritional values. In addition to its nutritional properties, it is an allergen-free snack, ideal for people belonging to all age groups.

Garnished with goodness and filling the Air with freshness

This delicious and mouthwatering Popped Lotus Seeds snack is prepared to goodness under hygienic environment using natural ingredients. Thus it gives a treat to our taste buds. Reason why it is recommend by doctors and approved by dieticians. What stops! Relish the taste of healthy, natural food that’s fresh and organic. Nevertheless, Popped Lotus Seeds snack gives more reasons to bask in a lingering taste.

Open. Enjoy. Repeat

Here is to the snack lover in you the ultimate organic snack prepared out of Lotus Seeds. The naturally grown seeds that are known for rich caloric value and organic properties. At Rooted Food, we roast and flavour the seeds with extreme caution. So that ingredients such as protein, carbs and other essential minerals are preserved until they are unpacked and savoured.

Connect to the good moments with the crispy Popped Lotus Seeds snack of Rooted Food and turn those moments into everlasting memories. As we know a pack of snack is a symbol of enjoyment, relaxation, winding down and of course reenergizing. Not surprisingly, the Popped Lotus Seeds snack of Rooted Foods checks all boxes. Great snack time beckons!!! Listen.

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