Inspiration with determination triumphs-Kamal Loungani the founder and CMD of KIT Group

Inspiration with determination triumphs

The success and growth of Kamal Loungani the founder and CMD of KIT Group serve as the living testimony to the statement ‘Inspiration with determination triumphs’. The corporate journey of Kamal Loungani defines the triumphing characteristic of a winner. Right inspiration is what it takes to lay a strong foundation for success. If inspiration is the foundation, then it should be the determination that leads one towards winning. In addition to making a winning habit. The rise and rise of the Trade Synergies LLC reiterate the statement.

The genesis of inspiration

KIT Group has been founded in 1996 by Kamal Loungani. The growth and expansion of group have been guaranteed by his keen acumen and enterprising spirit. The emergence and progress happened in the general trading vertical under the group vertical Kamal International Trading LLC. KIT LLC took a progressive lead among its competitors for its quality products. Besides, for its great service, commendable after sale support and of course for the ethical business practices. The solid foundation Kamal Loungani had in the form of Kamal International Trading has heralded the next big genesis. A genesis in the name of Trade Synergies LLC.

A date with success

The elevation of the KIT Group in the entire ESMA region has been possible, not only by the success in the general trading. But it mostly depends on the progress of Trade Synergies LLC. The origin of Trade Synergies LLC can be named as the Genesis chapter 2. On the strong pedestal of the success of Kamal International Trading LLC, in 1998 Kamal Loungani started Trade Synergies LLC in the thriving city of Dubai, UAE. Not surprisingly, it progressed as the second successful entity of KIT Group. Owing to transparent operations and ethical best practices way through the two-decade old journey.

Inspiration for excellence

Admittedly, Trade Synergies has the best product line-up. It has the best-customized solution in its armory for businesses to thrive. It also has the wide-spectrum of service catering to the diverse consumer touch points. The grand expansion of Trade Synergies LLC wouldn’t have happened without the strong and ethical leadership of Kamal Loungani. It was his inspired leadership which is intertwined with his dedication accorded Trade Synergies to triumph. The customized trade solutions of Trade Synergies that optimize outcomes for the businesses cover IT Solutions, Paper and Commodity Trading. As well as, Security Products & Solutions, Printing Requisites, Structural Steel, Industrial Chemicals & Solvents, and Pharmaceutical Chemicals.

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