Kamal Loungani is blazing new trails in Oil and Gas Sector

KIT Oil & Gas Equipment Industries of Kamal Loungani is blazing new trails in Oil and Gas Sector. Established in 2011, KIT Oil & Gas has emerged as a leading supplier of Oilfield equipment, chemicals and tools in the entire GCC region. Its Equipment Rental wing is also gaining momentum in the market.

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Kamal LounganiKamal Kishin Loungani, A budding entrepreneur of yesterday is today one of the most successful trailblazers in the UAE. A multi-talented visionary of the 21st century – Kamal Kishin Loungani started Kamal International Trading in 1996 which has set him on the path of progress. Blessed with keen business acumen and legacy of a family business guided by his father Kishin Shewaram Loungani, Kamal Kishin Loungani has arrived Dubai about 2 decades ago and has been phenomenally successful in expanding his business into various strategic business verticals and made KIT group a USD 300 million-turnover enterprise, which today has become a leading supplier of Paper, Steel, Chemicals, Garments, Industrial Clothing, Information & Communication Technology and Food products.

Kamal Loungani has not only implemented best practices in business but also have been the paragon of change in exercising inclusiveness and integrity in business dealings. Kamal Kishin Loungani has always been keen on building a reputation for KIT Group, which is why nearly 75% of business occurs through positive referrals. Major successes of Kamal Loungani are in the form of his successful entities such as Kamal International Trading LLC, Kamal International Trading FZE, KIT Oil & Gas Equipment Industries LLC, Dubai, Trade Synergies LLC, KIT Technologies LLC etc. His business portfolio is ever expanding and accommodating as like his dreams with a vision and his goals with plans to achieve them all. Kamal Loungani is not just a dreamer, but he is an immensely multi-talented business leader who has a clear vision and sound insight to reach his targets and beyond.

KIT Group under his able leadership is progressing in leaps and bounds by keeping ‘no peak too tall to surmount’ as its corporate philosophy. The much-adored trailblazer and the change leader in business is also a socially conscious leader. He has spearheaded several CSR activities all over Dubai region for health care, employee welfare, education and many more. Continuing his good work in business and service, the leader of KIT Group Kamal Loungani is poised to take KIT Group to new heights in terms of business and expansion.

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