Leading the charge for future expansion and success. – Kamal Kishin Loungani, Founder and CMD of KIT Group

Ensuring optimal return on investment by leading the charge in expanding the reach of our world-class products is the mission we champion at KIT Group. You’ll find our products in the areas of textiles, sports, paper industry, oil & gas, and chemicals & polymers. The wider presence reiterates our quality assurance as our top priority. Not surprisingly, our products and services are keeping the wheels of the global economy turning. Wherever there’s a need to expand the reach and to level up the quality standards, you can be sure we’ll be at the forefront driving it.

It is not only the world class products that roll off our factory floors and warehouses, there is talent too. Our human resource department constantly works at expanding the potential of our people by nurturing their skill and competency. We have been providing an environment where they feel valued and can take pride in every achievement.
The combination of committed team, dynamic leadership intertwined with calculative risk-taking work culture has power steered KIT Group ahead. One of our most successful entities – Trade Synergies LLC has such origin and progress:

Strong foundation a must:

Trade Synergies was established in 1998 as a general trading company in the progressive nation the United Arab Emirates. The geographical advantage offered by the UAE and the best business practices made Trade Synergies a reliable trading company. Hence, Trade Synergies has been sourcing and serving both overseas and domestic customers.

Building reputation is equally proportionate to building bottom lines:

Our successful operations have always ensured customers faith and trust. So an enquiry will culminate into adding a new customer into our proud clientele. In-house data maintenance of products and their vendors enables us to source all types of products quickly. At the same time, we are also prompt with our competitive quotations which are embedded with detailed information about manufacturers and specification. The reason why we always endeavour to coordinate with reputed manufacturers and traders to achieve end user satisfaction.

Diversification sustains success:

KIT Group is a realization of a multi-product dream, it was all about building a dynamic global trading company. We have chalked out plans to establish ourselves as a multi-product company from the day one of our operations. Not surprisingly, Trade Synergies became that hallmark entity of our multi-disciplinary operations. Because it has been successfully dealing in various products ranging from paper, printing requisites, foodstuff and oilfield supplies. These diversifications are an asset that made Trade Synergies more competitive in the market.

Complementing each other. Winning together:

While trading products for our clients, we also take complete responsibility of the marketing, order management, packing, shipping and documentation. In addition to the commendable after sales support. As a company built on sound values, Trade Synergies LLC promises to provide top-quality products and top-class service. A promise that ensured satisfaction to our clients and gratification to us. Those smiles of satisfaction have turned into positive referrals, which are contributing to more than 75% of our business.

Being responsible, reasonable and responsive:

The success of Trade Synergies entity of KIT Group is characterized by these 3 keywords. Trade Synergies has been growing strong with its success and achievements ever since its inception in 1998. The ‘determined dedication’ to serving clients needs has been flowing throughout the entity right from the bottom to the top. While you initiate a trading deal with us, you will quickly discover what we mean by ‘determined dedication’.
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