Kamal loungani

Dear Colleagues,

This is a momentous occasion. We are stepping gloriously ahead of two decades of fruitful existence. We have grown from a small business entityinto a big global conglomerate and hope to grow even bigger in the days to come. I gratefully acknowledge the support that all of you have given to the management for making KIT Group into what it is today – A Global Enterprise made up of committed individuals.

Over the last few years, I have realized that there is a need for us to grow into an even more effective unit in order to compete in the changing global trade scenario. The progress made in information and communication technology has reduced the world in our palm. Information now zips across the globe instantaneously. High-quality equipment and technology are being employed to make this world a better and smarter place.

There is also a bright young generation growing across the globe with an immense potential to blaze new trails. In about 15 years from now, there will be a pool of competent entrepreneurs who will want to run businesses differently and more passionately. In such a scenario, if we don’t have our edge, then we will have to face tough competition.

Therefore, colleagues, my appeal to all of you is to become more proactive in all the functions that you do. There is a saying, “Grab the apple nearest to you, and don’t wait for it to fall in your lap”. Use the wisdom of this saying to improve your professional competence. Grab opportunities to do visible work and show spectacular improvement in performance.

There is another commonly quoted management technique, “Learn on the job”. How do you learn on the job? How do you quantify what you have learned on the job?
I suggest you maintain a log book, it can be a digital spreadsheet as well, wherein you should note down the specific learning that you have had on the job and also note down each time on how the learning has helped you do a job better. This will make you an effective professional.

Renowned management stalwarts have only followed such simple techniques and now they market their product and services for millions of dollars. As I mentioned in this blog title – Winners Make It Happen, we shouldn’t wait for opportunities to knock at our doors instead we have to create on our own. We should be competent enough to lay our own path and resolutely tread on it braving all odds and emerge as a winner.

In this moment of pride and glory, I dedicate the progress made by KIT Group to each one of you and wholeheartedly heap appreciation for the good work that all of you have done and request you all to keep that good work going. Let me also take this opportunity to thank all our clients, suppliers, vendors and constituents and above all the Government of the UAE for making it possible for us to grow.


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