Rising above a CRISIS

kamal loungani

Dear Colleagues,

A term that has been widely discussed these days is the word ‘CRISIS’

What really is a crisis!

A crisis is an unpleasant surprise. In fact, life is full of surprises; some pleasant and some unpleasant ones. Some affect others, some affect us, some affect all and some seem to affect me alone. Not surprisingly, there are more pleasant surprises than unpleasant ones, but the impact of the unpleasant ones leaves such a strong influence that it squeezes out the afterglow of the pleasant ones.

The reaction to a crisis has always been in the form of knee-jerk reactions or panic-stricken moves that end up worsening the crisis and the result is that it throws even more unpleasant surprises. To quote a simple example: a person had stocks of a blue chip company that he had purchased at a premium. The price did not go up as expected but on the contrary, it fell. A typical knee jerk reaction, he called his broker and instructed him to sell his holdings. Broker advised to hold on for some time, he did not listen and by the time the stocks were sold, the prices fell further and it left a huge hole in his pocket. He decided never to enter the stock market again and hey presto, the prices started going up again.

We also need to understand that not all crisis are financial crisis.

It is said, every cloud has a silver lining. Similarly, every crisis has a number of opportunities hidden in it. If we can convert those opportunities we can be truly successful.

Let us see what all of us at KIT Group can do to avoid knee-jerk reactions:

• Try to cut wasteful expenditure
• Manage clients’ needs efficiently
• Broad base our clients
• Redouble our efforts to develop client-centric products
• Revisit our processes
• Add sound human resources to our team
• Repose faith in our existing team

Here is what you also can do:

• Develop sound skill sets
• Learn newer skill sets
• Validate the faith reposed in you
• Value add to team resource
• Manage personal finances better
• Be committed
• Plan your work

Remember, people have come out even stronger after every crisis, why should things be different now.

June heralds lots of new beginnings and let our ‘self’ be full of ‘will’ to succeed against the odds of any CRISIS.

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