Today, I firmly stand on a pedestal ofthe founder and CMD of KIT Group, a group company that is acclaimed for its diversified business interests. A company that is strongly backed by 100 plus personnel and has become one among the very few companies that posts, consistent turnover of USD 300 million dollars. The things we have achieved as a group was possible only because I have nurtured the 2Ps to success – Persistence and Patience from within. I would like to detail on each of the aspectson how the 2Ps have helped me all the way in overcoming trying times.

Patience in business? May sound little weird, as many believe that business is amelting potin which products, services, strategies and plans aresmelted, and is fuelled by the capital and of course the leader of the firm churns our success and profit out of it every second. But it is just a fascinating thought but the practical business is no nonsense with less fascination, but success is imminent, it is like rowing througha dark tunnel, despite seeing light at the end, we have to persist with patience. I would like to share a couple of instances, when my patience was tested – Back in 1996, when we started Kamal International Trading LLCit became an instant success and the demand for our products grew, though our delivery plan is perfectlystreamlined, except the one challenge – the need of a large warehousing facility. But we patiently waited for the right time and space to have our own warehouse, during the time our products have become sought after in the global market, and after a long waiting, we established Kamal International Trading FZE in the year 2011 in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai – U.A.E with a 10,000 sq. feet warehouse. That is the reward of our patience, today our warehouse is one of the biggest in Dubai. This is an instance of exercising patience in the organization, and I would like to say about another instance, where my patience is tested from within:

It was one brisk Monday morning in February 2006, I was stopped by a news in one of the dailies. An article titled, Exporter’s fraud sends DRI on nationwide hunt – there was a city exporter in Mumbai, who perpetrated a commercial fraud by diverting fabric and other goods imported duty-free under the Duty Exemption Entitlement Scheme (DEEC) and the Duty Free Replenishment Scheme (DFRC) which were meant for re-exporting into local market. Initial investigations of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence revealed that one Mr. ShyamBihani has masterminded the effort, obtaining DFRC in the names of several firms by showing fictitious clearances to various 100 per cent export oriented units (EOUs). The investigation revealed that alleged exporter has got five consignments of polyester fabrics which were cleared duty-free and sold by one Abdul Sattar and to one Kamal Loungani in Mumbai.

That was a shock for me, as I have procured fabric from a merchant in which my knowledge regarding this consignment is upto the extent of the quality of the fabric and price negotiation. I didn’t have an idea regarding how and from where, the raw material has come. But the news went in rounds, as I was one of those beneficiaries in this commercial fraud. Those days really tested my patienceand wished to prove my innocence, but I got theright advice from my team, well-wishers and from my conscience that I have to wait, as that too will pass.

Eventually, it went off and I was busily engaged in building my business, and today KIT Group has raised to an enviable position, defying every other odd, including that attention seeking news. KIT Group is one of those very few enterprises that keep ethical business and corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything it does. Admittedly, persistence is required to excel, but patience is needed to endure the trying times before the dawn breaks.

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