The magic of an opportunity

Opportunities are rare. It would be a good idea to take advantage of them. It is befitting for a business leader to use the opportunities because if he makes full use of those opportunities his enterprise will excel, his team will be successful and the industry will grow as the result. Here is Kamal Kishin Loungani a trailblazer who made full use of the opportunities to become one of the leading business heads in the world with his KIT Group, a successful business entity with diversified business interests. Kamal Loungani’s radical approach towards business combined with the ethical and innovative business practices have made him a winner all the way and he has been vigorously proving himself in various avenues of business.

While mentioning some of his leading achievements, it should begin with Kamal International Trading, LLC, which he has started in the year 1996 dealing Readymade Garments and sports goods. The success of KIT heralded the incubation of a variety of group entities and which in turn made Kamal Loungani a phenomenal business leader in the International arena. All his businesses covering Garment, Industrial Clothing, steel, paper, Information and Communication Technology services, Technology product distribution, Organic Superfoods are growing in geometric progression.

Kamal Kishin Loungani has secured a commendable position in the global business circles for his multi-faceted personality and result-oriented business acumen. Kamal Loungani happens to be the only businessman in the UAE who has raised KIT Group from a modest beginning to USD 300 million turnover enterprise.

in his illustrious career, Kamal Loungani has crossed many envious milestones with his operations such as Trade Synergies LLC, a multi-diversified general trading company incorporated in 1998, committed to providing businesses with customised solutions by matching specific need with the right product to optimise outcome and with KIT OIL & GAS which he started in 2011, since its inception KIT Oil and Gas is playing a significant role in the integrated and efficient development of Oil and Gas equipment trading covering all aspects including: Oilfield equipment rental, Oilfield equipment trading, Specialised Inspection, Pipe Yard Management, Valve & Pump Workshop and more.

Kamal Loungani is always known for his holistic business models and creative strategies he applies in making his enterprise elevate and excel. Synthesizing his unique talents and capabilities he is heading further and faster in business by making KIT a Global Conglomerate. As a commerce graduate with keen business acumen, Kamal Kishin Loungani made full use of the opportunities the industry offered to him and he has been instrumental in adding new products & services, projects and expanding customer base at a consistent pace. Over the years, the KIT Group pioneer – Kamal Kishin Loungani has acquired in-depth experience in textiles, sports industry, paper industry, oil & gas, chemicals & polymers, ICT and Organic Foods. With this diverse knowledge, he continues to lead the charge for future expansion and success. Nonetheless, being a responsible Corporate Citizen, who knows how to make the most of
“The magic of an opportunity”

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