What can be improved? An article by Kamal Kishin Loungani on team building and motivation

Dear Colleagues,

I am immensely elated to meet you all again by presenting myself as Kamal Kishin Loungani, the Founder and CMD of KIT Group imbibed with extensive know-how on various trading practices and diverse knowledge across the business verticals covering textile, sports industry, paper industry, oil & gas, and chemicals & polymers. In the momentous 20 plus years of corporate journey, I have grown as an acclaimed change leader in trading, known to have taken ‘leaps of faith’ with various business ventures by breaking conventions and have emerged successful. The journey has been quite amazing with continuous tests for my grit, guts and gut. Right from the year of inception in 1996, KIT Group has always been on the rise. It has grown into a USD 300 million enterprise having diversified business interests and equipped with a strong workforce exceeding 100 employees including each one of you.

My dear colleagues, we have now grown into a big conglomerate which demands clear and sound distribution of information and inspiration across the spectrum, right from the top management to the newly joined employee of the group. To make it happen, I advise the managers and team leaders to follow these simple tweaks which will make them more efficient, effective and result-oriented professional.

The first thing you must do is to remove the serious expression from your face and replace it with an attractive smile. It is known to bring an instant turnaround of difficult situations. A smile is also the most inexpensive way for improving your looks.

A smile comes in handy when you want to improve relationships with your fellow colleagues. Your smile tells people that you are approachable, affable and caring. Along with the smile try doing or saying something that brightens their day.

A smile is highly infectious. So when you smile, people will smile back and the whole atmosphere gains a touch of cheerfulness. This creates a dominant impact on productivity. Smiling employees work harder and get along well with their co-workers.

Managers and team leaders who focus more on people and less on numbers are known to get the best out of their teams. When a manager focuses on people he sends a loud and clear message that he trusts them. When the manager’s equation with people improves the numbers almost always go up.

Show your team that you have faith in their abilities and let them understand that you are on their side.
People crave for appreciation. So make it a point to compliment your colleagues for jobs well done. Team leaders ought to remember to thank their team for their good efforts and hard work.
Let us learn to listen to what people have to say and actively seek their opinions on things that matter to them. It shows that we care. When the entire workplace is characterized by the contagious excitement it translates into a culture of ongoing higher productivity.

So dear colleagues let us all resolve to put aside our frowns and smile our way to success.


Kamal Kishin Loungani

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