Offshore Cranes

KIT- SIS Division can offer a complete Inspection and Load Testing Solution for your Offshore Cranes:

  • API Crane Inspection
  • Yearly Load Indicator Calibration
  • Yearly Load Test
  • Five year Load test with overload

Most of KIT- SIS Division’ s Load Testing clients many times have had no choice but to depend on having the same companies perform repairs to their cranes then inspect their own repair work post completion. Not an Ideal Situation.

To provide a solution to this problem, KIT- SIS Division started offering Crane Inspection services in 2008 thus providing the market with a true Impartial Third Party Professional Service providing its clients with true QAQC Audit on its Lifting Equipment suppliers as well as its Repair Service Providers.


Mobile Cranes

The requirement for certification of Mobile Cranes has greatly increased in response to the current accident rates. KIT- SIS Division is ready to inspect and certify your Mobile Crane applying Load Tests to your equipment at your location. A successful KIT- SIS Division Inspection and Load Test on your Mobile Crane instills confidence for your own client, equipment contractor, equipment operator.

Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes and Monorails

KIT- SIS Division has the necessary technology and know-how to inspect and load test sophisticated systems of overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, BOP Carrier Crane and Monorail Cranes. The Water Bags solution for this application avoid excessive expenses with logistics of traditional solid weights, and also permits gradual application of the load with certified load cells or high precision flow meters.

Pad Eyes and Lifting Points

Every Pad Eye and Lifting point can become a potential risk in a load movement operation KIT- SIS Division strongly recommends that certification procedures for lifting Pad Eyes be enforced. NDT inspection is also very important in order to evaluate whether the equipment is fit for use.

Load Cells & Sensors

KIT- SIS Division always use the best available tools in the Market to fulfill its mission of delivering safe and high quality services. We focus on having top quality load sensors capable of enduring the hardships of day-to-day operation keeping its precision and reliability.