We are able to conduct full and comprehensive derrick inspection surveys in line with API RP 4G, our dedicated and experienced inspection team are qualified inline API RP 4G –Section 4.2 requirements. We will work with your team, and will resolve any and all issues that we find during the comprehensive survey in so far as practical. API-recommended practice for mast and derrick inspections is a critical element to avoiding potentially non-productive time or even serious incidents and catastrophic events during drilling operations or following rig reactivation. We offers full API 4G derrick inspections in line with API-recommended practice.


Derrick/Mast & Substructure Inspection Categories of API RP 4G inspection, these include;

Cat I – Visual observation of the derrick/mast & substructure.

Cat II – Category I inspection, plus a more thorough inspection of (but not limited to) the load bearing areas & sheaves, checking for; cracks, damage, corrosion, lose or missing components.

Cat III – Category II inspection, plus a thorough visual examination of the mast/derrick & substructure, this type of survey is documented on an approved check list and signed, this checklist will be supplied in our final report and should be retained onsite.

Cat IV – Category III inspection, plus some equipment is required to be disassembled and cleaned to the extent that is required to carry out NDT of the critical areas.

Derrick/Mast Bolt Inspection & Torque: Our dedicated and experienced team of technicians, have successfully completed numerous bolt inspection surveys & bolt torque jobs over the years, we utilize approved and recognized methods with the relevant and required tools to complete this task safely and efficiently. We work in line with the applicable international standards and our clients own requirements, and with our strict approach to safety and training.

All our derrick inspectors are IRATA-qualified rope access technicians and qualified NDT inspectors.