Inspections for localizing potential “dropped objects” have been developed by major companies over the last decade to prevent dropped object related accidents and to teach new behaviors in matter of “dropped objects” prevention.

The “dropped objects” have indeed been targeted by all the HSE departments of the Oil and Gas industry as being the most critical hazard, all types of works combined. When a tiny piece of steel falls from even 1m high, it can have a fatal consequence. And a fatality cannot be afforded. All your workers shall go back home free of injury.

KIT- SIS Division offers to perform a full survey of your installation to detect and list existing hazards. On the offshore work sites, cranes and other pipes elevators are moving and lifting items all day long, while people are busy working around on other tasks on an often very congested deck. Those people might not always be aware at all times of what is happening above or next to them.

In addition to these life threatening hazards, “dropped objects” can also damage your installation, structure or equipment, which can lead to loss of time, loss of production or loss of containment of hazardous material.

The inspection that KIT- SIS Division offers your company to carry out is a full detection survey of all the “loose” or “getting loose” items that could potentially fall and cause an accident. A detailed report including pictures and exact location of those identified items will be issued to your company, as well as a list of corrective recommended actions. This report should be a database register that should be used to follow-up and monitor the actions taken. It shall be part of a bigger QAQC process where status of actions has to be clearly reported.

Here below are few examples of the potentially hazardous items:

  • Crane structures (load cells, wind walls, cameras, sheaves)
  • Walkways (handrails, gratings, ladders)
  • Non-used equipment (old rusty and corroded devices that could fall down)
  • Temporary equipment brought on site and not removed (toolboxes, lights, painting cans, welding equipment)
  • Electrical equipment (junction boxes, CCTV cameras, loudspeakers, cables trays)

KIT- SIS Division also proposes some more advanced services in its “dropped objects” inspection:

  • Removal of all the “loose” items or recertification and refastening of the “potentially hazardous” detected items,
  • Behavior and awareness training of your workers on site,
  • Training of your HSE site team in order to perform intermediate inspections and then have a continuous pro-active maintenance.

KIT- SIS Division has trained and qualified RAT (Rope Access Team) inspectors who are able to conduct a “dropped objects” inspection on each kind of facilities you may have. It can be a drilling rig, a derrick, a FPS, a working platform, a construction vessel or any onshore facility.