The KIT Group’s approach to safety and the environment can be summed up in three powerful statements:

  • No one gets injured
  • No environmental damage is tolerable
  • Nothing is more valuable than our employees’ health and safety

We demand it of ourselves. And we work diligently to ensure that our people have the training and tools they need to make sure every day is a safe day. Our focus on quality operations management reinforces our health, environmental and safety commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible, most efficient, incident-free service. KIT Group has an HSE Management System that was industrialized by and reflects the input of each of its business units. Employees are trained in-house by qualified facilitators in a customized training program where they gain a comprehensive understanding of our HSE expectations and requirements.


All employees not only have the authority, but the obligation to stop any unsafe act.


No activity is so important than safety of our people and environment.


To conduct our operations with minimal or no risk to personnel or the environment

KIT Group measures effectiveness of its HSE Management System through regular site safety audits, corporate business unit audits, customer audits and regulatory audits. Management joins with employees in site safety audits and safety meetings; during these processes, employees have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on continual improvement initiatives. KIT Group is committed to minimizing its effect on the environment and where opportunities present, protecting the environment. Business units within KIT Group comply with corporate policies, domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices. KIT Group’s environmental programs are aligned to those of our customers.