In a normal oilfield equipment management the tubular are the major time consuming and manpower required activity. The procurement, logistics and management of OCTG inventory and yards can be a real difficulty. To help you control costs and improve the efficiency of you operations, KIT provides a full range of OCTG and Pipe Yard Management services that help you develop Local Content, optimize your stocks of tubular goods and increase operational reactivity, while meeting your Quality and HSE requirements.

We prepare the pipes in our yard and deliver them to the well or port, ready to be run. Pipes preparation includes inspection, tally and others.

Available through a tailored contract, our OCTG and Pipe Yard Management services include:

  • Pipe supply:
  • inventory
  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • repairs,
  • rig preparation
  • consignment
  • loading/unloading
  • Traceability:
  • pipe number
  • heat number
  • length and grade
  • Forecasting:
  • Tubular purchasing planning and accessory manufacturing

We recover, clean and inspect all the surplus pipes and accessories, and perform the consequent re-stocking and any needed repairs. In order to reduce the environmental impact we also offer the service of collection and final disposal of protectors. Our solutions are available for pipes from all manufacturers and include thread repairs, crossovers, pup joints and nipple manufacturing.

All above activities are managed and controlled highly skilled labor and a robust and highly sophisticated tubular management computer application.